Reaching New Horizons


Reaching New Horizons

Welcome to HEART Inc.

We are a 41 year old, 501(c) (3) non-profit organization which provides financial support to individuals seeking treatment and help in early recovery.

When all other sources of funding have been exhausted, HEART Grants are available to those who are sincerely interested in living a life of recovery. We serve people that have sought help, are willing to let of their plans and allow professionals to step in to help mold a new, healthy and safe one. Our programs are designed to help individuals during the first 3 phases of their recovery; funds are used to help pay for initial treatment costs, for basic needs while in treatment and we offer a specialized post-treatment program.

HEART works directly with 52 highly effective and nationally recognized Treatment Centers across the Midwest, some offering clinical treatment while others are alternative programs to traditional rehab. HEART encourages individuals to pursue a 12-step approach to recovery, to integrate themselves within their recovery communities and to establish a firm foundation for long-term recovery.